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In order to operate a business successful, you will need many diversity options!

Various types of business are coming up for new immigrants in Taiwan. 

Metropolitan International Immigration Group predicts a great growth population of new immigrants in Taiwan. Metropolitan Innovation Management Consulting Company focus on consultation related to entrepreneurship and sharing experiences to our new immigrants. 

Four Aspects for Entrepreneurship:  


Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship business must have certain plans and ideas for your new business, also a great understanding of business environment in Taiwan. Beneficial to operate business successful, we encourage clients to start up business from their pass working-experience.

Joint Venture

To join an existing company in Taiwan, investors must have a great knowledge of its background and able to review financial reports of this industry. Before to join an investment please recognize a careful consideration before your action.

Business Acquisition

This method for investors can quickly enter into the market, which is better for investors who have a certain understanding of this business. A detailed evaluation of your interest to operate business is necessary.      


If you do not want to operate business alone and also need assistance to counsel of your business, franchise method is the best solution for you. Head office will assist new immigrants to solve every technique problem during business operation.    


  • Taxation
    The taxation in Taiwan divides in two systems, the national tax a.....