Buying Your First Home In Taiwan


Purchasing Your First Property – Immigration and Real Estate Division


The Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group Real Estate Division works with real estate experts, builders, developers, and banks to provide newcomers with necessary information on real estate law, home selection, and future housing developments, providing a wide choice of quality and affordable homes.


Real Estate – 10 Common Problems

1. Bought at an unreasonable price 2. Property right disputes 3. False and dishonest information in the registry 4. Unconfirmed home quality 5. Hidden and disadvantage conditions in the contract 6. Problems paying Land and Property Taxes? 7. Missing payment details and lack of communication 8. Maliciously deceiving sellers and fraud 9. Parking space property and ambiguous instructions 10. Unsuccessful bank loans and mortgages

9 Major Services Provided by the Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group

  1. Being your real estate agent

  2. Offer consulting services

  3. Help you choose the neighborhood you want to live in

  4. Help you find a builder and recommend housing developments

  5. Arrange for home visits and inspection

  6. Help you get a good price and make an offer

  7. Help you apply for a mortgage loan

  8. Arrange for contract signing and

  9. Continued help and support until the Closing Day


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    Characteristics A wide range of price Freehold Con.....