10 Reasons to Taiwan

The first choice for foreign nationals who are willing to immigrate in Taiwan:Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group  

Top ten reasons to prefer Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group for Taiwan Immigration:  

 Reliable Service:

Legitimate Company has operated 10 years of professional immigration experiences, which is non-self-employed, non-newly establish, non-subcontractor nor a firm of accountants.
 The Energetic Service Team:

Nearly 30 members of service team within sufficient experiences which delivered large number of ongoing and achievement cases.  
 Multiple Choice of Entrepreneurship:

Our subsidiary company, Metropolitan Innovation Management providing various opportunities of entrepreneurship for investment
 Assistance of Property Purchase:

Cooperation with numerous of real estate development and agency for rental or purchasing service. Also collaborate with hospitality industries to offer preferential treatment for clients during stays.    
 Promptly Information-Sharing:

We execute our exceptional client service under these three regions in Asia: Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong. Our structure is to deliver  the fastest instantaneous information wherever our clients are located.   
 Intimate Service of International Languages:

Our consultors proficient in widely languages, such as Cantonese, English, Portuguese, Japanese, German…, which beneficial to convey a thorough exposition to clients.
 Guarantee of Legitimate Company:

Our three offices which located in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong are operating legitimately with registry of immigration industry.
 Time-Saving Approach:

We serve clients with care by our attendance while clients are staying in Taiwan or Hong Kong. VIP banking service can be arranged to saving precious time. 
 Guarantee by Contract of Adhesion:

The signing of Contract of Adhesion by government regulation to protect client’s rights and interests.
 Satisfy Your Desire:

We are  characterized as a series of professional services for clients by our teams: Investment Management, Property Management and Innovation Management.