Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group


Metropolitan Immigration Consulting Group was founded in September 2005 by Jordan Chen, the General Manager of this Group who has entering immigration business since 1995. With an innovative concept:To regard immigration as a tool, through the application and providing the best solution for you lifetime plan. To truly meet your demand, not for the vanity or just to follow others blindly, but to examine the overall requirements for your kids’ education, residential environment, tax planning and finance management, then we assist you to process your immigration application. Hence, Metropolitan does not narrow our service to limited immigration categories in only one country, but to provide several countries and dozens items of service. Mainly divided into three major parts of Outbound Permanent Residence Application , Inbound Taiwan investor residence Application and Economical Citizen Application.


Countries we assist you to immigrate

Canada, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the U.K., Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Cyprus, Vanatu, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Burkina Faso & Guinea Bissau… etc.


Our Service

Immigration services of Nationals living in Taiwan and Asia area. The category includes Investor, Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur, Family Sponsored, various types of visas, Landing Service, Economical Citizen, School Admission, OBU (Offshore Banking Unit) set-up and international finances management consultation.


Our Team

Metropolitan located at Taipei of Taiwan and Kaohsiung of Taiwan, verified by Ministry of Interior with the approval number C0149 is an A grade immigration company. There are currently over 20 employees. Furthermore, General Manager and managers all have over 10-20 years immigration consulting experience and consultants also have the immigration experience in various countries; Some of them had applied immigration and successfully obtained the legal PR status. Most importantly, we have very good cooperative relationship with many exceptional foreign consultants. We screen and choose strictly the good categories, recommend to our high quality clients, and with our outstanding foreign consultants jointly provide the comprehensive best services that let our customers’ feel the best satisfaction.


Marketing Scale

Because Taiwan has its special historical, political and residential environment background, people here have very high demands in immigration. According to the statistics, there are approximately 30~40% people want to apply for immigration (by December 2005 Common Wealth Magazine). And, during the period from 1992 to 2004, there have been 2,500 people in Taiwan applied for the U.S.A. immigration under the Investor category. Metropolitan believes, if there are good application projects, people in Taiwan have superior potentiality than those in other countries.

Holding the business spirit of “Honesty, Professionalism, Service”, we expect to earn more support from the other consulting companies who have the common goal with us to together provide safer and simpler services to those customers in Taiwan. Please believe that Metropolitan will be your best partner if you decide to operate an immigration business in this market.

To look into the future, Metropolitan will insist to innovate continuingly to serve our customers with “High-Quality Service Team”, “Diversified Nation Options”, “Reasonable Investing Amount” and “Complete Sincere Service” that make you feel and enjoy “Even you immigrated far from home thousand miles, Metropolitan will always be there with you”!